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Fusion Athletic Center is excited to announce 2024 Fun In The Sun Showcase! This showcase is designed to allow all recreational gymnasts demonstrate the skills they’ve learned so far in class in front of a live audience.   Friends and family are encouraged to attend to cheer on these amazing athletes as they "compete" for the Gold Medal!  All class gymnasts are encouraged to attend as a way of fully experiencing the sport of gymnastics - which includes putting skills together in a choreographed manner and performing in front of live judges. All participants will receive a certificate, a medal, and a custom Fun in the Sun Leotard. Be sure to sign up to register quickly! Spaces are limited!

Saturday, May 18th

Cost:  $79
(Includes Event Registration, Leotard, and Medal)

Event Admission:

$10 Adults
$5 Seniors & Kids 

Register below by clicking on the REGISTER NOW link.  Once you are registered, be sure to complete the Participant Form below as well to ensure that your gymnast gets the right size leotard!  Reach out to us by email or phone if you have any problems registering! 


Saturday, December 9th


Saturday, December 9th


Saturday, December 9th


Saturday, December 9th


Saturday, December 9th

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