FUSION offers classes for kids starting as early at 18 months all the way through competative Junior Olympic Competitive Teams.  Whether you're looking for a class to introduce your little one to social settings, hoping to find a year-round sport that will help promote physical fitness, or hoping to compete as a serious gymnasts - FUSION has a class for you.

Buddy N' Me
Ages 18 months - 3 years

Parent attended class

New Stars
Ages 3 years - 5 years

Fusion's Buddy N' Me class is specially designed for our littlest of athletes.  Kids between the ags of 18 months thru 3 years enjoy 45 minutes each week where they will be exposed to games and exercises that will build motor skills, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, and flexibility. 


The Buddy N' Me class isn't just about learning gymnastics.  Students in this class will also learn important concepts such as taking turns, following directions, listening, and working with others.


Parents will also enjoy this parent assisted class where you can celebrate each of your child's new milestone with smiles & hugs!

Classes for New Gymnasts

Ages 4+

This class aims to develop all over body awareness, strength, flexibility, condition and self-esteem. In addition, it introduces basic elemental gymnastics skills: correct flight, safe landings, falls, and slides, climbing, rocking and rolling.


Gymnasts in this class will work on all 4 women's elements.  Many of the skills will be performed with the aid of a coach until the student is capable of doing the skill alone.   

Hot Shots
Pre-Competition Team for gymnasts ages 4-6
(Invitation Only)

Hot Shots is an invitation only class for our young gymnasts age

4- 6 years that recognizes those who are excelling in the sport and either need a more challenging class or are hoping to join the compitative team.


In this class students will spend time conditioning and strenth training in addition to working on each of the 4 women's  elements. 

Play is serious business!  At Fusion our New Stars Class is geared toward preschoolers and their excited minds and energetic bodies. 


In this class kids from age 3-5 will explore different games, activities, and exercises to develop body awareness, balance, strength, and coordination.  We also focus on classroom management skills like listening, taking turns, following direction, and encouraging our friends, which makes this class a perfect way for kids to learn basic classroom skills while having fun!



Advanced Class for

Ages 5-9

Our Advanced classes are geared toward gymnasts who've successfully gained the basic skills required in Beginning Gymnastics. 


In this class gymnasts will continue working on all 4 women's elements plus spend additional time on conditioning and strength training.  In addition, some Intermediate Classes may be geared more toward Tumbling.  Call today for more information.

Pre-Competition Team for gymnasts ages 7+
(Invitation Only)

An invitation only class for those gymnasts who are intrested in competitive gymnastics or who've shown an increased ability for further training.  Students in this class will be prepared for competitive level gymnastics, however participation in competitive gymnastics is not required.



Tumbling & Advanced Tumbling
Gymnasts, Cheerleaders, and other who want to improve tumbling skills.  Ages 5+

Beginning Tumbling - Class to develop basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels, round-offs, back limbers, and back walk-overs.  Ideal for those who do not want to participate in full gymnastics, cheerleaders who desire extra training between seasons, and anyone who has a love for tumbling.  Ages 5+


Advanced Tumbling - A continuation of Beginning Tumbling where students will begin working on back handsprings, front handsprings, and other advanced tumbling.  Participants must be able to do a back walkover unassisted.  Ages 5+

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